How We Help

Our primary focus is family support.  We work with the individual and their support system to enable them to remain a cohesive “family unit”… whether it is biological or a extended support system.

Gail Spears

Durable Medical Equipment

DME equipment like: power/manual wheelchairs,
walker’s, canes, shower chairs and etc.


Dewayne Van photo

Vehicle Donation

Donating vehicles to individuals with special needs as well
as minor repairs on your existing vehicle to help stay as
independent as possible



PJs ramp 1

Build a Ramp

Our contractor and volunteers building a ramp for a
disabled individual


Information & Advocacy
Information and Referral
Info and Referral Assisting individuals and families by providing valuable information on disability topics as well as make appropriate referrals to other community agencies to help the client obtain services. We also work with the client in obtaining and filling out the required documentation, if required.


Information & Advocacy
Individual Advocacy
Individual Advocacy Helping people and families with disabilities develop the skills they need to represent themselves. These skills help them act on their own behalf to obtain support services from agencies in the community.


Information & Advocacy
Peer Counseling
Peer Counseling Helping connect people and their family /support system with other people who have a similar disability who are living in similar situations and independently in the community.


Information & Advocacy
Family Support Program
Family Support Program Providing resources for the families of disabled people. Acting as a liaison and helping them get through the “red tape” to obtain services if needed. Providing support by means of telephone, internet, and one-on-one communication as needed.